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Training for a Marathon

Running a marathon may seem like an impossible dream for all but the super-fit. However, as unlikely as it may seem, even the most unfit individuals can go from zero to hero within nine months with consistency and a little dedication. It isn’t even all that difficult in reality. The key is consistency. Of course, how long it will take you to be ready to take on a marathon depends on your starting level of fitness, but all the evidence is there at even the least likely specimens can get themselves into the shape to manage a marathon within nine months.

Star Slowly

You have to start somewhere. Even if you have really let your fitness levels go you will be amazed how quickly you can build up a decent level of fitness if you maintain a steady training regime. Although you have to push yourself a little to improve your fitness levels, it certainly isn’t necessary to put yourself through torture. And you will see that once you get to a reasonable level of fitness you will naturally want to push yourself a little and enjoy doing so.

If you are really unfit just start with a very slow jog for a kilometre. If you keep that up every other day you will see that it will very quickly become easy and you will be able to gradually extend that. Within two months pretty much anyone will be able to build up to being able to manage 5 kilometres at 8-10 kilometres an hour. And that is a reasonable level of fitness to use as a platform. Once you build up to doing 10 kilometres in one run with another couple of months of consistency you will be ready to start really training to run a marathon.

You’ll keep doing 10 to 15 kilometre runs regularly and start adding one longer run per week where you push yourself more and gradually add the kilometres. And you’ll get there. Within another couple of months you should be able to run that marathon. Just start slowly, keep it up and anyone can get there. Promise!